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The First Fresh Saj Bread Made on Spot

DID YOU KNOW – Shelbys was the first restaurant to serve Saj bread in London, On?!
That’s right!
When we first started Shelby’s we wanted to give Londoner’s a different and unique way to eat Shawarma. While every restaurant sold store bought pita that would break every time you took a bite, we took the time to create the perfect Saj bread recipe.

Fast forward a few years and you’ll see Saj bread in most shawarma restaurants now. Since we are the trendsetters, we couldn’t just settle for the current way we make this bread. We took it a step further and build a whole section on our service line to bake this beauty FRESH-TO-ORDER right in front of you.

So then when you want to eat Shelby’s- be sure to get a wrap. We promise you will NOT be disappointed. Our quality, flavour and freshness will have you spreading the word for us and delighted to try another one.

Have you tried our Saj Bread? Let us know your thoughts below.


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