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Lambeth, London, Ontario

Yazan and Yasser, two friends who met at college. One of them was business obsessed — couldn’t talk about anything else. And the other could not stop cooking for everyone. Both had Middle Eastern roots as well as a passion for their authentic food. The two boys started selling mom’s recipe of traditional chicken shawarma from a dingy little food trailer in Lambeth, Ontario. A much bigger idea clicked a year after — they needed to bring something different to the local market using this fantastic shawarma recipe. A legendary approach to traditional Arabian food was being developed, whereby alluring Arabian flavour is met with other world cuisines to create something that is both unique and down right delicious — the best of both worlds you could say.

The first Shelby’s restaurant opened in London, Ontario in 2015. It was an instant hit. Five years later, Shelby’s has expanded to more than seven locations.

We’ve served our delicious shawarmas, falafels, and our infamous Shawarma Poutine to hundreds of thousands of happy customers.

We are on a mission to modernize the humble shawarma by being innovative with the flavours we use and to expand these unique flavours nationwide for all Canadians to experience!

A vision to ACHIEVE

The demand for Shelby’s food is sky high right now. Fans all around London are praying that a Shelby’s branch will open right in their back garden just for convenience’s sake. As a community-centric business, it’s only natural that we listen to the wants and needs of our locals. We have always found ways to give back to our community – it is a part of who we are as a business and that is not about to change, even as we continue to expand to other communities




Shawarma, the most desirable street food in the Arab World will always be our first love, even as we tackle other fusion food opportunities. Nevertheless, we are committed to maintaining absolute consistency in our root flavours, in our housemade sauces and marinades while ensuring the highest quality Canadian sourced proteins.


Innovation is our game and it’s what makes us a different sort of place. The way we do marketing is also quite unconventional, so much so that other businesses in our locale try to emulate our innovative techniques in their marketing!


Shelby’s is a young company with big ambitions, and those ambitions cannot see results without the help of outstanding and creative team members. Loyalty to and from our team members in the kitchens, the staff members behind the counters, our franchisees and our customers — all are invaluable to the success of our operation.


Our Shelby’s Giving Back initiative encourages our team to get involved in causes they feel passionate about. The amazing power of the legendary shawarma in strengthening the community has inspired us to make our wraps and bowls accessible to everyone.


We want to satisfy your taste buds when you’re at Shelby’s.
God forbid, Chipotle sauce in your shawarma makes you a happier person, we will load on that even if it makes us low-key cringe in absolute disgust.

Yazan El-Shalabi

Co-founder / CEO

Shelby’s is not just a commercial establishment. We want to create a comfortable space where great flavours meet great communities and we want everyone to taste our legendary shawarmas!

When you have Shelby’s, you become a part of our mission. It benefits you and it benefits the community. Our aspiration to grow nationwide is not far off as we are confident that our undying love for traditional and fusion food as well as our community-driven agenda are what is missing in many parts of Canada.



Creators of the remarkable shawarma poutine


Best Middle Eastern restaurant in London, Ontario 2 years in a raw


Best Middle Eastern restaurant in London, Ontario 2 years in a row


Set the record for the longest shawarma wrap in the world


Recognized by members of the Canadian parliament for achievement for community support.


2020 Best of London awards in five best categories


The most recognizable shawarma chain in London middlesex county, Ontario, Canada


First shawarma drive-thru in Canada