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Medium Bowl

Your choice of protein topped over your choice of base, comes with pickles, turnips, tomatoes, sumac onions, tahini, hummus, and regular or spicy garlic. (All salads include pita chips. Shelby’s Salad and Kale Caesar include feta cheese).


Shawarma Tacos Box

Your choice of protein topped over three soft taco shells with sumac onions, tomatoes, pickles, chipotle, regular or spicy garlic, feta cheese, and parsley, served with a side of fries, pickles and turnips, coleslaw, and your choice of dip.


Shawarma Burrito Combo

Your choice of protein wrapped in freshly baked saj bread with feta cheese, rice, kale mix, fries, sumac onions, tomatoes, pickles, chipotle and creamy garlic, with one side and a drink.


Shawarma Biryani

Your choice of protein topped over basmati rice, drizzled with mint chutney, regular or spicy garlic, crispy and sumac onions, garnished with roasted cashews, with a side of 2 mini samosas


Sloppy Moes

Your choice of protein topped on crispy fries and Shelby’s salad, drizzled with chipotle, creamy garlic, and parsley.


Medium Fries Poutine

Fries with your choice of protein topped with Shelby’s poutine sauce, chipotle, regular or spicy garlic, feta cheese and parsley.


Family Box

Your choice of 5 portions of protein, served with rice, fries, salad, hummus dip, 5 saj breads and your choice of 6 dips.