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The demand for Shelby’s food is sky high right now. Fans all around London are praying that a Shelby’s branch will open right in their back garden just for convenience’s sake. As a community-centric business, it’s only natural that we listen to the wants and needs of our locals. We have always found ways to give back to our community – it is a part of who we are as a business and that is not about to change, even as we continue to expand to other communities


is our game

While most Middle Eastern restaurants try to keep the authenticity of their cuisine, Shelby’s is knee-deep in daring replicas and fusion items that create sparks in your mouth! That doesn’t mean we don’t have traditional-style menu items or “mama’s favourites” (which we can’t resist at all). We just love fusing two different foods together to create a better version of it! Innovation is our game and we play it pretty well.

Our team

The foundation of Shelby’s

Shelby’s is where the art of teamwork is mastered. One of the biggest successes at Shelby’s is at the hands of team members who work collectively, operating as one unit. The high comfort level among the staff at Shelby’s provides a basis for an exciting and fun working environment. It’s a place where friends come together to cook delicious, heart-warming foods that draw people near and far to their favourite shawarma spot.

Every member committed to a greater Shelby’s experience, every day.

Join us and help make a delicious impact in the community!